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Outdoor classes will continue to be offered throughout the winter.  To ensure the dogs comfort as well as our own classes will only meet when the weather allows.  See the detailed class descriptions on their signup page for more information. 

Positive reinforcment training in real environments

Tippy Tap Training teaches positive reinforcement, force free dog training in Racine Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.  My goal is to help your dog be the best dog for you.  With emphasis on true socialization and drive to handler, we will teach your dog how to be the best dog for you. 


Every dog is different  different strengths, they learn best when we work with them.  Training should be an enjoyable and bonding experience for owner and dog alike!  We will learn with the dogs about behavior, body language, and tools to use in different situation to set them up for success.  Using positive reinforcement techniques we will help your dog be their best dog and wonderful a family member.

Tippy Tap Training holds small group classes that meet in real world environments throughout Racine and Kenosha counties, as well as the surrounding areas.  Beginner classes start at different parks, working up to the advanced classes meeting downtown or at local stores and businesses.  This allows your dog the opportunity to learn to handle distractions from the start. From a blowing leaf to passing dogs, every distraction they work through helps achieve a fully socialized and well rounded dog.  

Three dogs walking
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